Waggie Tails Dog Grooming Parlour

 A groomed Pet is a Happy Pet

Here you can find some of the services we provide here at Waggie Tails Grooming Parlour. If there is a service that you require that we have not mentioned, it does not mean we do not provide this service. Just give us a call, email or pop in-store and we can answer any questions that you may have.

When you bring your dog into the parlour we will have a short consultation with you to discuss what treatments you would like him/her to have. Here are some of the main treatments we provide here at Waggie Tails:


Warm deep clean shower

Massage with herbal shampoos
Warm fluff dry
Full body groom
Paw and toe trim

Nail clipping
Ear plucking (if required)
Ear cleaning
Anal Gland expression (if required and recommended)

After groom spray of long lasting perfume.

Note: If the dog does not allow us to trim nails

and pluck ears owner may be called back for
assistance or we may recommend your vets perform this treatment.


We also perform de-matting, however if the dog is seriously matted then a shave off may be required as we only want the best for your dog. A small fee may be added for extra time and care taken to de-knot your pet.


We can also perform these treatments individually, so if you only require a set few then this can be done, and will be discussed during the consultation.



We also provide other treatments in our parlour that can be booked seperately or with a groom. Here are some of the treatments you can choose from.



We provide:


Application of flea and tick drops (if recommended)

Application of medicated shampoos
Application of ear drops/ ear powders.

We also have available in our shop Herbal medicines and suppliments



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We use Pet I.D microchips.

If you have any questions you would like to ask about our treatments please get in contact with us via our contact page, telephone number or in-store and we can answer any questionns you may have.